Richard started after serving 13 years in prison. While there, he wrote letters constantly. Several people wrote back, but few had the time (or ability) to stick around too long. It proved difficult to find people on the outside who could maintain meaningful communication through pen and paper. The modern world simply moved too fast.

This is true for most inmates. Few people in the “free world” actually write letters anymore. Today we text, call, Face Time, email, etc. Yet most inmates have no choice but to write letters. This means friends and family have to communicate the same way. We have to buy paper, pens, envelopes and stamps, not to mention checking the mail, remembering to drop our letters in the mailbox, and finding time to write during the daily hustle!

After experiencing this struggle firsthand, both as an inmate and later as a pen pal, Richard created as a low cost and easy way to send messages from anywhere, anytime. Now you can mail & receive letters without the hassle of envelopes, paper, or having to check the mail. Everything is online and delivered straight to your inbox. And every time the inmate sends you a letter via Yapwrite, you can respond free by replying to the email. We print it out and mail it at no charge.

Perfect for those outside the USA!


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